Progressive women are running for office in record numbers. 

Represent PA provides support to get candidates elected.

We vet candidates for alignment to progressive priorities and impact.

Our endorsements include financial support and connections to our network.

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Our endorsement committee is made up of donors, political experts and board members, who bring their insights, experience and passion to the process of selecting the women we endorse.  


The endorsement committee looks at the following criteria:

  • Candidate's alignment with our progressive values

  • Candidate's commitment to helping other women — in and out of Harrisburg

  • Status and strength of each campaign

  • Fundraising 

  • Quality and strength of opponents in the race

  • Flip-ability of districts – can this district move from red to blue?



We invest in progressive women with a deliberate process. 
January 2020

January 28:  Candidates can now file their petitions with the Secretary of State’s office in Harrisburg


February 2020 

February 3:  Represent PA Endorsement Primary Election Application opens. 

February 19: All candidate petitions are due to Secretary of State's office in Harrisburg 

February 24: Training for Endorsement Committee members 


March 2020 


March 6:  Represent PA Endorsement Primary Election Application closes. All candidate applications must be received by 5 p.m. 

March 17: Special Elections

April 2020


April 19: Endorsement Committee Meeting 


April 20: Represent PA sends their first checks to candidates ahead of the Primary Election

May 2020

June 2020 

June 2: Pennsylvania Primary Election!

June 3: Represent PA General Election Endorsement Applications opens 


July 2020 

July 17: Represent PA application process closes: All applications and updates must be received by 5 p.m.


August 2020

Week of August 24: Endorsement Committee meeting


September 2020 


September 1-4: Represent PA sends checks to candidates ahead of the General Election 

November 2020 

November 3: General Election!