Legislative Spotlight

The GOP-led Legislature is working to restrict abortions in PA by advancing a veto-proof constitutional amendment; Gov. Wolf and the Democrats are continuing to fight back.
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The GOP's ongoing efforts to suppress the vote in PA have been put on hold by the State's Supreme Court; Act 77, which allows for no-excuse mail-in voting, will remain in place for the upcoming election in November.
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The new PA district maps for Congress and the State Legislature were made official after the PA Supreme Court rejected the GOP's legal challenges.
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PA Democrats push for anti-gun violence laws that will save lives, while the GOP-led Legislature continues to punt on the issue.
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The PA Commonwealth Court heard closing arguments on the landmark lawsuit challenging the State's inequitable school funding system. It could be months before a decision is rendered.
What's At Stake?
The lawsuit challenging the PA Legislature's ongoing diversion of federal funds for poor women and children to anti-abortion clinics has lost in the PA Courts.
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