Candidate Spotlight: Mary Jo Daley

Mary Jo Daley has been fighting for progressive values for more than two decades in Montgomery County and Harrisburg. She grew up in Narberth, as the oldest of seven. Her father was an electrician and member of IBEW Local 98 and her mother was both community-minded and socially conscious. One of her earliest memories is joining her mom, walking a picket line in support of the United Farmworkers. During a time when civil rights, the Vietnam War, women’s liberation, and assassinations of President John Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy, Mary Jo knows about living in unsettled times. Prior to being elected State Representative in 2012 Mary Jo served on Narberth Borough Council for 20 years. For twenty years she served the people of Narberth as a member of the council, eight years as the “lone” Democrat and 10 years as the Council President.