Candidate Spotlight: Melissa Shusterman

Melissa Shusterman has been volunteering for the homeless community since she was 12 and supporting women’s rights since she was a teen. She’s a fourth-generation Phoenixville-area resident and worked in media for 20 years before founding her own video production company, which she grew into a success, while raising her son as a single mother. Melissa believes she can be the voice for working mothers, single parents, caretakers, people with disabilities, senior citizens and those frustrated by an irresponsible government. Her business taught her how to be nimble, creative and think out of the box. She knows Pennsylvania needs innovative thinkers in office. She also believes it’s more important than ever for regular citizens, not career politicians, to make their voices heard in Harrisburg and she intends to work toward immediate bipartisan collaboration to balance the state budget and reduce state debt. Melissa attended local public schools, graduated from Lafayette College and received her master’s degree in media studies from American University. She currently lives in Schuylkill Township with her husband Hans, her son Paris, and beloved Shih Tzu, Zoey.

“I’m not running for office to have power and a title. I’m running to change the landscape of my community and state.”