PHILADELPHIA, December 20, 2023 – In the upcoming 2024 election year, Pennsylvania will likely remain an important swing state for both parties, with mountains of out-of-state money coming in to influence the outcome. By investing early in these current legislators, already some with named challengers, Represent PA’s $78,000 gives them a head start in their fundraising and get-out-the-vote efforts. Represent PA has plans for additional investments in 2024.

Here are the 25 endorsed candidates that Represent PA supports for re-election: 


“Our multi-year relationships with these great legislators, affords us the insight to recognize the upcoming challenges these women may face, and make these investments early,” said Christine Jacobs, Executive Director of Represent PA. “Supporting these women helps our voices be heard when it counts.”

Represent PA has a goal of growing the democratic majority in the state House and flipping the Senate.

About Represent PA

Getting its start in 2014, Represent PA helps progressive women claim their seat at the table. Represent PA focuses on investing in strong democratic women candidates for the Pennsylvania House and Senate, leading the way in PA for women to create a reflective Democracy. We are building our “mutual fund” for elections – raising money, analyzing races and candidates – to invest where we can challenge the status quo. Today, Represent PA focuses on paving the way for progressive women so that tomorrow those voices will shape the government in Harrisburg and Washington. To learn more about Represent PA, visit, find us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or follow us on X(Twitter).

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