PHILADELPHIA, September 3, 2020 – Represent PA, the only organization in Pennsylvania investing in progressive Democratic women candidates running for Pennsylvania State House and Senate seats, announced today it is spending an additional $202,200 to support 36 incumbent and challenger campaigns ahead of the general election, bringing the total to 54 women endorsed and more than $440,000 invested in the 2020 election cycle.

These endorsements support Represent PA’s goal of flipping the PA General Assembly from Republican-held to a Democratic majority. To gain a majority, Democrats need to hold all existing seats and flip nine House and four Senate seats. With women candidates running campaigns in 25 counties across the Commonwealth, there are opportunities to flip 20 Republican House seats and four Republican Senate seats.

“The women we endorse represent a mix of counties – purple, red and blue – across the state,” said Christine Jacobs, Executive Director of Represent PA. “They are running great campaigns and sometimes they’re running them in difficult-to-win districts. But after reading their applications and reviewing the data, we see things that others don’t and we believe in giving them a chance to succeed. Our proven strategy worked in a number of primary races.”

“Represent PA is proud to support these accomplished and deserving women who have stepped up to run,” said Represent PA Political Director, Meg Pritchard. “During one congratulatory call, a candidate said: ‘You’re by far my favorite group because you live what you say; and you do what you promise. You don’t just invest in the safe races; you invest for the future.’”

Represent PA plans to make at least one more round of investments ahead of the November 3 election. Here are the 36 candidates getting additional funding:

Senate candidates


Shanna Danielson

SD-31 (Cumberland, York)

Janet Diaz

SD-13 (Lancaster)

Pam Iovino*

SD-37 (Allegheny, Washington)

Judy Schwank*

SD-11 (Berks)

Michelle Siegel

SD-27 (Centre)

Julie Slomski

SD-49 (Erie)


House candidates


Deb Ciamacca

HD-168 (Delaware)

Kolbe Cole

HD-10 (Beaver, Butler)

Jill Dennin

HD-147 (Montgomery)

Lindsay Drew

HD-106 (Dauphin)

Carol Hill-Evans*

HD-95 (York)

Nancy Guenst

HD-152 (Montgomery, Philadelphia)

Dana Hamp Gulick

HD-97 (Lancaster)

Dianne Herrin

HD-156 (Chester)

Kristine Howard*

HD-167 (Chester)

Mary Isaacson*

HD-175 (Philadelphia)

Marlene Katz

HD-29 (Bucks)

Patty Kim*

HD-103 (Dauphin)

Emily Kinkead

HD-20 (Allegheny)

Michele Knoll

HD-44 (Allegheny)

Lauren Lareau

HD-142 (Bucks)

Nicole Miller

HD-87 (Cumberland)

Ann Marie Mitchell

HD-178 (Bucks)

Jennifer O'Mara*

HD-165 (Delaware)

Danielle Friel Otten*

HD-155 (Chester)

Brittney Rodas

HD-105 (Dauphin)

Tara Shakespeare

HD-88 (Cumberland)

Lissa Geiger Shulman

HD-30 (Allegheny)

Emily Skopov

HD-28 (Allegheny)

Joanna Bryn Smith

HD-120 (Luzerne)

Patty Smith

HD-104 (Dauphin, Lebanon)

Wendy Ullman*

HD-143 (Bucks)

Michele Wherley

HD-41 (Lancaster)

Claudette Williams

HD-176 (Monroe)

Regina Young

HD-185 (Philadelphia)

Tara Zrinkski

HD-138 (Northampton)


View our previously endorsed candidate list here.

For more information about these endorsed candidates or their races, look at their election profiles online, or find information about them at

Represent PA

Getting its start in 2014, Represent PA helps progressive women claim their seat at the table. Represent PA focuses on investing in democratic women candidates for the Pennsylvania House and Senate. We’re leading the way in PA for women to create a reflective democracy. We are building our “mutual fund” for elections – raising money, analyzing races and candidates – to invest where we can challenge the status quo. Today, Represent PA focuses on paving the way for progressive women so that tomorrow those voices will shape government in Harrisburg and Washington. To learn more about Represent, visit, find us on Facebook, Instagram or follow us on Twitter.

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