PHILADELPHIA, March 23, 2024 – Represent PA, the only organization in Pennsylvania dedicated to advancing gender parity in the PA Legislature, is proud to announce the endorsement of 51 progressive women candidates for both state House and Senate races, including another investment of $166,000, bringing its total pre-primary funding amount to $244,000, and empowering candidates to compete effectively and amplify their voices in the political landscape.

With a mission to increase progressive women’s representation in state-level elected offices, Represent PA has rigorously vetted and selected these 51 candidates based on their dedication, qualifications and commitment to driving positive change in Harrisburg. The endorsed candidates hail from diverse backgrounds and offer a wide range of experiences, reflecting the rich diversity of Pennsylvania.

“We are thrilled to endorse these 51 remarkable women who embody the spirit of leadership and service,” said Christine Jacobs, Executive Director of Represent PA. “Each candidate has demonstrated a profound commitment to advancing the interests of all Pennsylvanians and addressing the pressing issues facing our state. By endorsing and funding their campaigns, Represent PA is taking a significant step toward achieving a reflective democracy in Pennsylvania’s state legislature and building a more inclusive and representative democracy.”

The $166,000 in funding was added to the previous $78,000 invested early in December 2023, supporting several incumbent legislators who face difficult reelection campaigns. Represent PA provides crucial support to its endorsed candidates, enabling them to implement robust campaign strategies, engage with voters and effectively communicate their vision. This funding represents a significant investment in the future of Pennsylvania, where women’s voices are underrepresented in political decision-making.

“We recognize the challenges that women candidates face in accessing financial resources to run competitive campaigns,” said Meg Pritchard, Political Director of Represent PA. “By providing financial support to these candidates, Represent PA is leveling the playing field and empowering women to overcome barriers to political participation. Our investment underscores our unwavering commitment to amplifying women’s voices and advancing gender equity in Pennsylvania politics.”

Here is a complete list of Represent PA’s 51 endorsed candidates.

Incumbents (Senate)


Incumbents (House)


Red to Blue Flips (Senate)


Blue Hold (Senate)


Red to Blue Flips (House)


Blue Hold (House)


About Represent PA

Getting its start in 2014, Represent PA helps progressive women claim their seat at the table. Represent PA focuses on investing in strong democratic women candidates for the Pennsylvania House and Senate, leading the way in PA for women to create a reflective Democracy. We are building our “mutual fund” for elections – raising money, analyzing races and candidates – to invest where we can challenge the status quo. Today, Represent PA focuses on paving the way for progressive women so that tomorrow those voices will shape the government in Harrisburg and Washington. To learn more about Represent PA, visit, find us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or follow us on X(Twitter).

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