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RepresentPA Endorses 40 Progressive Women Candidates

PHILADELPHIA, September 24, 2018 – With the goal of a more reflective democracy and supporting the push to flip seats in the Pennsylvania General Assembly from republican to democrat, Represent PA today announced it has endorsed 40 progressive women candidates. With the endorsement comes individual financial donations to each candidate totaling $115,000. This is in addition to the $51,000 Represent PA gave candidates ahead of the Spring primary. Represent PA continues to be the only organization in Pennsylvania investing in progressive democratic women candidates for the Pennsylvania State Legislature in Harrisburg. “The Pennsylvania legislature is not supporting our citizens,” said Christin

Candidate Spotlight: Patty Kim

Patty Kim is the first Asian-American woman to hold office in the state legislature, starting her political career as a city council member for Harrisburg. Patty won her House seat in a four-way race by 41 votes. Patty’s values and focus align well with Represent PA’s issues focus. She supports protecting women's reproductive rights and choice and improving the quality of life for women. She supports anti-discrimination laws for LGBTQ and minority groups. She’s on the House Education committee and pushes for more funding so the Fair Funding Formula can work to narrow the gap between wealthy and poor school districts. She earned a D rating with the NRA. Environmental groups have rated her an

Candidate Spotlight: Leanne Krueger-Brankey

Leanne Krueger-Braneky made history in 2015 as the first woman to represent district 161, flipping a seat controlled by Republicans since the Tea Party wave of 2010. Although she’s only been in office a short time, Leanne quickly emerged as a leading voice for women, families and the environment. Prior to elected office, Leanne was the first Executive Director of the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia (SBN), and Senior Director of Strategy and Development at the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE), an organization focused on creating a stronger fairer economy. She is also the Fundraising Co-Chair of the PA House Democratic Campaign Committee. Turning se

Candidate Spotlight: Mary Jo Daley

Mary Jo Daley has been fighting for progressive values for more than two decades in Montgomery County and Harrisburg. She grew up in Narberth, as the oldest of seven. Her father was an electrician and member of IBEW Local 98 and her mother was both community-minded and socially conscious. One of her earliest memories is joining her mom, walking a picket line in support of the United Farmworkers. During a time when civil rights, the Vietnam War, women’s liberation, and assassinations of President John Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy, Mary Jo knows about living in unsettled times. Prior to being elected State Representative in 2012 Mary Jo served on Narberth Borough Council f

Candidate Spotlight: Tina Davis

Tina Davis began in politics serving on the Bristol Township Council, focusing on homeowners facing foreclosure during the mortgage foreclosure crisis. Once elected to the House in 2010, she played a leading role in economic development and opportunity, job creation, pay equity, property tax reform and programs assisting families and veterans. She’s also concerned about fracking because of its threat to Pennsylvania’s water supply. Yet Tina believes that a louder voice is needed, which is why she’s running for the higher office of Senator. Our President, Congress and Republicans in Harrisburg are pushing a vision of America that progressive voters don’t share. As one of the founders of

Candidate Spotlight: Donna Bullock

Donna Bullock won a special election in August 2015 and focuses on issues that impact the households in her district including economic opportunity and security, children and strong neighborhoods. Donna lives in the Strawberry Mansion section of Philadelphia with her husband Otis and their two sons. Donna is an attorney, mother, wife and a legislator who believes in serving others. Growing up, her family received its meals at a soup kitchen for several years. After dinner, her grandmother made her contribute the soup kitchen operation by sweeping the floor, washing dishes or helping a senior with their plate, teaching her the value of service. She has dedicated her legal career helping nonpr

Candidate Spotlight: Joanna McClinton

Joanna McClinton won a special election in August 2015, after dedicating her life to public service beginning with her service as a youth leader at Open Door Mission, as a volunteer with Outreach to Youth and Hands of Compassion American Sign Language Ministry, as an assistant public defender, and then later as chief counsel to the minority whip of the Pennsylvania Senate. Joanna grew up in southwest Philadelphia and graduated from both LaSalle University, where she is an elected board member, and Villanova School of Law. Joanna has also served as the secretary of the Philadelphia Barrister's Association, the city's bar association for African American attorneys. Joanna led efforts in Harris

Candidate Spotlight: Maureen Madden

Maureen Madden is running for her second term as a State Representative, so she can continue to advocate for women’s health, while eliminating barriers for a woman’s right to choose. Prior to serving, Maureen was an educator at East Stroudsburg University – working where she lives. Maureen began working in politics as a nineteen-year-old volunteer. She has been involved in organizing unions, fighting for women's issues and getting Democrats elected for over forty years. Her other priorities include Universal Health Care and Medicaid expansion, human rights, voter, campaign finance and property tax reform and job creation. Fracking is also a concern because of its threat to Pennsylvania’s wat

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