Meet our Legislators – October 2023

With a focus on health care for October we featured Rep. Morgan Cephas and Rep. Melissa Shusterman.

Rep. Morgan Cephas (HD-192, Philadelphia County)

Meet Rep. Morgan Cephas (HD-192, Philadelphia County):

  • Representative for HD-192 (Philadelphia County) since 2016
  • Co-created the Black Maternal Health Caucus 
  • Former staff member at Philadelphia Youth Network and Deputy Chief of Staff to Philadelphia councilman Curtis Jones Jr.
  • Member of the Women’s Health Caucus and Co-chair of the PA Black Maternal Health Caucus
  • Former Co-Chair of the Women’s Health Caucus, where she led the group’s efforts in launching the Perinatal Doula Certification Program, securing over $25 million for statewide initiatives on improving health outcomes for pregnant and postpartum Pennsylvanians and more
  • Prime sponsor of numerous health bills, including HB1618 (requiring insurance coverage for Doula services), HB900 (improving conditions for pregnant incarcerated Pennsylvanians), and HB1362 (improving statewide reporting on maternal mortality)
  • A lifelong public servant and West Philly native dedicated to ensuring women and girls are a priority while improving educational, economic and health outcomes for all


Watch Rep. Melissa Shusterman’s (HD-157, Chester County) video about what’s at the forefront of health care in Harrisburg.

  • Representative for HD-157 (Chester County) since 2018
  • Member of the Health Caucus, the Women’s Health Caucus and the Mental Health Caucus
  • A small business owner who began her digital video company as a single mother
  • An inspiring campaigner who unseated a four-term Republican incumbent after knocking on tens of thousands of doors in her district
  • Prime sponsor and Co-sponsor of numerous bills protecting abortion access in PA by removing restrictions on state funding for family planning health centers, requiring state health insurance plans cover abortions, protecting out-of-state patients seeking abortions in Pennsylvania and more
  • A staunch supporter for protecting abortion access, addressing Pennsylvania’s infrastructure deficiencies, investing in our public schools and ending partisan gridlock