Are you ready to do more to make change in Harrisburg? Giving, hosting a friendraiser, attending events, and volunteering will ensure that Represent PA can support more women candidates!


Support progressive women candidates who are ready to win. One donation makes a difference.


Tap the power of your network by hosting a friendraiser or other event. We're here to make it easy.


Meet other progressive women and help put on an educational event, fundraiser, or meet & greet.


Becoming a donor is the best way to help progressive women candidates in Pennsylvania, and meet the women running to make change.


Your monthly contributions help us build funds throughout the year, so we can fund endorsed candidates as soon as they announce they’re running. It helps us project how many candidates we can support, so we can affect races across the state.

Your contribution to Represent PA funds our investments to women candidates at many levels.



Young Donor (under 35): $5-15/month

Join Represent PA, and start meeting the candidates and progressive women hungry to change Harrisburg.

Sustaining: $25/month or $300 annually

Endorsement Circle: $100/month or $1,200 annually

Review and vote on endorsements as part of our Endorsement process.


Leadership Circle: $200/month or $2,400 annually


Represent Sponsor: $5,000 and up

You have endorsement committee access as well as first access to event tickets and VIP meet and greets. The $5,000 contributions fund building the movement: PAC compliance reporting, events, website, and the checks to our endorsed Harrisburg candidates.



From living rooms to auditoriums, women across Pennsylvania are tapping into their network to build support and fundraise for Represent PA. 

We have upcoming friendraisers in several neighborhoods, so join our list if you would be interested in attending one.

If you want to host a friendraiser, we’d love to hear from you.


Friendraisers can have any number of guests, in any neighborhood, and we are happy to give you guidance on how to make yours a success. For events with 20 or more donors, we will work with you to try to get a local endorsed candidate or official to attend and talk to your guests.


Are you ready to do more to help progressive women across Pennsylvania? We're seeking volunteers for our Membership, Events and Communications Committees. Email us and let us know you want to get involved.

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