To donate to the REPRESENT! Federal PAC,  CLICK HERE.

Represent! is a federal political action committee dedicated to electing more Democratic women to U.S. Senate seats and Governors’ offices, but more importantly we are building a movement in Philadelphia.  Too often, women are ignored as players in campaign fundraising, and we aim to foster an environment in which women are getting the credit for this valuable work. Represent! is building a community of women giving resources to electing other women nationwide. 

No other group in Pennsylvania is focused solely on aggregating the financial influence of women throughout the state to help elect and protect women officeholders throughout the country. 


To donate to the REPRESENT! PA State PAC, CLICK HERE.

Represent! PA PAC is a state political action committee founded to increase the number of Democratic women in elected office in Pennsylvania by providing early financial investments in strong women candidates who have demonstrated the capacity to win. We promise to use your contribution to make strategic investments in strong, progressive women candidates in Pennsylvania.

Represent! PAC contributions are completely voluntary and are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.