Represent PA endorses 31 candidates with $203K

With one month until the primary election, every dollar counts

PHILADELPHIA, April 15, 2022 – Represent PA, the only organization in Pennsylvania focused on investing in Democratic women candidates for the Pennsylvania General Assembly, today announced it would invest $203,000 to endorse three candidate challengers for state Senate and 13 candidate challengers for the state House, along with 15 incumbent candidates. These endorsements are accompanied by varying amounts of financial support depending on the race.

In total, Represent PA is investing $267,000 in these candidates, ahead of the May primaries, which includes the previously invested $64,000, announced in January.

“The new district boundaries present challenges for these candidates and their ability to begin campaigning. In fact, they still don’t have their ballot numbers,” said Christine Jacobs, Executive Director of Represent PA. “Our goal is to provide investments as early as possible, so these women have what they need to overcome some of these challenges, win their primaries and make it to the next round.”

Meg Pritchard, Represent PA’s Political Director, who runs the endorsement process said, “Electing more democratic women to the House and Senate is our mission, and if these candidates make it through, I’m thrilled to think of what agendas they could be setting for us in the future in Harrisburg.”

Represent PA essentially operates as a mutual fund for elections, raising money and then analyzing races and candidates to invest in the districts where it can make the greatest impact. For this election cycle, Represent PA is pleased to announce its endorsement of the following candidates:

Incumbent Senate candidates

  • Maria Collett, SD-12 (Bucks, Montgomery)

  • Katie Muth, SD-44 (Berks, Chester, Montgomery)

  • Lindsey Williams, SD-38 (Allegheny)

New Senate candidates

  • Jill Dennin, SD-24 (Berks, Montgomery)

  • Ann Marie Mitchell, SD-6 (Bucks)

  • Tara Zrinski*, SD-14 (Northampton, Lehigh)

*has a primary challenger

Incumbent House candidates

  • Jessica Benham*, HD-36 (Allegheny)

  • Donna Bullock, HD-195 (Philadelphia)

  • Morgan Cephas, HD-192 (Philadelphia)

  • Mary Jo Daley, HD-148 (Montgomery)

  • Pamela DeLissio*, HD-194 (Montgomery, Philadelphia)

  • Elizabeth Fiedler*, HD-184 (Philadelphia)

  • Nancy Guenst, HD-152 (Montgomery, Philadelphia)

  • Kristine Howard, HD-167 (Chester)

  • Sara Innamorato, HD-21 (Allegheny)

  • Marylouise Isaacson, HD-175 (Philadelphia)

  • Emily Kinkead*, HD-20 (Allegheny)

  • Leanne Krueger, HD-161 (Delaware)

  • Maureen Madden, HD-115 (Monroe)

  • Joanna McClinton, HD-191 (Delaware, Philadelphia)

  • Jeanne McNeill, HD-133 (Lehigh)

  • Jennifer O'Mara, HD-165 (Delaware)

  • Danielle Friel Otten, HD-155 (Chester)

  • Christina Sappey, HD-158 (Chester)

  • Melissa Shusterman, HD-157 (Chester, Montgomery)

  • Regina Young, HD-185 (Delaware, Philadelphia)

*has a primary challenger

New House candidates

  • Sara Agerton, HD-88 (Cumberland)

  • Deja Alvarez*, HD-182 (Philadelphia)

  • Lisa Borowski, HD-168 (Delaware)

  • Johanny Cepeda-Freytiz*, HD-129 (Berks)

  • Melissa Cerrato, HD-151 (Delaware, Montgomery)

  • Hope Christman, HD-176 (Monroe)

  • Rochelle Culbreath*, HD-54 (Montgomery)

  • Janet Diaz*, HD-49 (Lancaster)

  • La’Tasha Mayes*, HD-24 (Allegheny)

  • Tarah Probst, HD-189 (Monroe, Pike)

  • Cathy Spahr, HD-160 (Chester, Delaware)

  • Mandy Steele*, HD-33 (Allegheny, Lehigh)

  • Gwen Stoltz, HD-143 (Bucks)

*has a primary challenger

Represent PA’s endorsement of these progressive women candidates assists with getting their names out into the public early, and helps voters and donors get to know them and understand their progressive platforms. Represent PA plans to provide additional support for progressive women candidates ahead of November 8 by releasing another round of endorsement funding at the end of the summer.

For more information about these endorsed candidates or their races, look at their election profiles online, or find information about them at

Represent PA

Getting its start in 2014, Represent PA helps progressive women claim their seat at the table. Represent PA focuses on investing in democratic women candidates for the Pennsylvania House and Senate. We’re leading the way in PA for women to create a reflective democracy. We are building our “mutual fund” for elections – raising money, analyzing races and candidates – to invest where we can challenge the status quo. Today, Represent PA focuses on paving the way for progressive women, so that tomorrow, their voices will shape our government in Harrisburg and in Washington. To learn more about Represent PA, visit, find us on Facebook and Instagram or follow us on Twitter.

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