Become a Digital Activist!

There are many ways to support Represent PA and help strong, progressive, pro-choice

Democratic women win their seats in the General Assembly this fall. You can donate to

Represent PA or to the candidates individually; you can bring a bunch of friends and neighbors

together and raise funds through a “friend-raiser”; or volunteer some of your time to help the

work of a committee. And here’s another way – become a Represent PA digital activist.

We know social media can be a powerful tool for social and political organizing. It’s time we

leverage this power to get some real change-makers into Pennsylvania’s state government.

Every post shared by one of our digital activists will make an incredible impact; every person

who learns about our candidates and decides to support them with a donation and a vote

brings our state one step closer to making progressive policies a reality.

As a volunteer, you’ll be able to take state policy into your own hands by helping strong, progressive, pro-choice Democratic women win their seats in the General Assembly this fall.

How? Create and share a custom supporter form with your friends and family over social media!

  • After following the link, you'll first customize your form's link and donation ask (or simply use ours!), then click "Get Started."

  • From here, you can either choose to customize your form further, or simply click the X next to "Edit Form" at the top left of your screen to exit the editing tool.

  • Lastly, copy your form's link by clicking the "Copy Link" button in the yellow menu bar, and share your link in a post on social media! If you need ideas for what else to include in your post, scroll to the bottom for sample text and a photo!

Sample Caption/Text (feel free to copy and paste!)

With everything in the news about the future of Roe v. Wade, I’ve been looking for ways I could fight to protect reproductive rights in Pennsylvania.

Please join me in supporting the work of Represent PA, an organization focused on investing in progressive, Democratic (and Pro-Choice!) women running for state legislative offices across Pennsylvania.

Join me in getting these amazing candidates elected — we can’t just sit and watch as our rights are taken away →

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