Kicking off the election season with a crowd!

With an invitation to share the issue that was top of mind for attendees at the Represent PA fall kick-off breakfast, we heard:

  • Quality of public education

  • Cost of higher education

  • Abortion rights

  • Gun control

  • Safety

  • Income distribution

  • Women’s rights

All these issues align with Represent PA’s values and we were delighted to be in the same room, kicking off our election season with guests who are passionate about the same topics.

In addition to all the attendees, we heard from progressive women legislators including Senator Maria Collett, and State Representatives Danielle Friel Otten, Elizabeth Fiedler, Donna Bullock and Tina Davis. Each of these legislators shared a story about what it’s like being a woman legislator in Harrisburg, what they are fighting for and how important it is that the number of women in Harrisburg are increasing. At the same time State Rep. Bullock also reminded us that although elected women are increasing in the Capital, the number of elected women of color has remained at nine.

During the morning, we also were introduced to several women announcing their intent to run in some local and state-wide races soon.

The event introduced many newcomers to Represent PA and gave them an opportunity to better understand why the money Represent raises is considered an investment in the future of Pennsylvania.

Our goal is flipping the PA Legislature to Democratic majorities with strong progressive women. Represent PA is unique in Pennsylvania because:

  • We only support women candidates with a path to victory.

  • We have a state-wide view – across the commonwealth.

  • We work with organizations who support women—including Emerge & Emily’s List.

  • We give early money to counteract the establishment view of viability and electability for other than establishment candidates.

With contributions to Represent PA, investments will continue to improve the future of Pennsylvania.