Candidate Spotlight: Emily Skopov

Emily Skopov is a community leader, non-profit executive and mother who lives with her family in Marshall Township. As the daughter of a school teacher and a small business owner, she understands the value of hard work and education. After earning degrees from Columbia University and the University of California, Emily founded her own non-profit organization, No Crayon Left Behind, which recycles and donates art supplies to schools and other facilities in need. Emily was inspired to run when she realized how disenchanted her children were with the political climate, both nationally and in her own community. Although they were not yet old enough to vote, she was disappointed to learn that her kids and their friends had very little faith in their leaders. Emily decided that it was time to step up and show them that if you want something changed, sometimes you need to do it yourself. She is running to make sure that they, and the rest of her community, know that people still care about the values on which America was founded.