Candidate Spotlight: Patty Kim

Patty Kim is the first Asian-American woman to hold office in the state legislature, starting her political career as a city council member for Harrisburg. Patty won her House seat in a four-way race by 41 votes.

Patty’s values and focus align well with Represent PA’s issues focus. She supports protecting women's reproductive rights and choice and improving the quality of life for women. She supports anti-discrimination laws for LGBTQ and minority groups. She’s on the House Education committee and pushes for more funding so the Fair Funding Formula can work to narrow the gap between wealthy and poor school districts. She earned a D rating with the NRA. Environmental groups have rated her an A because she cares deeply about the environment. And, she’s on the SAFE Caucus, focused on passing sensible gun laws to prevent unnecessary deaths especially in schools. Patty also co-chairs the House Democratic Campaign Caucus and travels across the commonwealth looking for strong candidates with a strong emphasis on women.