Candidate Spotlight: Donna Bullock

Donna Bullock won a special election in August 2015 and focuses on issues that impact the households in her district including economic opportunity and security, children and strong neighborhoods. Donna lives in the Strawberry Mansion section of Philadelphia with her husband Otis and their two sons.

Donna is an attorney, mother, wife and a legislator who believes in serving others. Growing up, her family received its meals at a soup kitchen for several years. After dinner, her grandmother made her contribute the soup kitchen operation by sweeping the floor, washing dishes or helping a senior with their plate, teaching her the value of service.

She has dedicated her legal career helping nonprofits through her Board service, many that are providing services much like the soup kitchen, after school programs, and other organizations that helped her as a child. Donna attended law school at Temple University, and began her career working for Community Legal Services and then as special assistant and attorney for the Philadelphia City Council President’s Office.