Candidate Spotlight: Pam DeLissio

Pamela DeLissio is currently in her third term, and is an incumbent serving parts of Philadelphia and Montgomery counties since 2011. She began her career after graduating from Penn State, when she worked in long-term care and small business ownership. Now residing in Roxboro, she believes more moderates are needed in the legislature – those with deep private sector experience who can develop and evaluate complex policy. Pam is known for her dedication and open dialogues with constituents during numerous town meetings, and for finding solutions by working on both sides of the aisle. As a founding member of the Government Reform Caucus she identifies legislation that garners bipartisan and bicameral support in the areas of campaign finance, non-partisan redistricting and voter registration and election reforms. Concerned about the influence that special interests and advocacy groups have on elections, this past spring Pam introduced a bill that would require disclosure of expenditures for political communication. This legislation would not restrict those voices but help level the playing field by improving transparency and accountability regarding the money spent to influence elections.