Candidate Spotlight: Meredith Buck

Meredith Buck, a single mother of one, a registered nurse, a lawyer and a small business owner, has been a resident of Chalfont Borough since 1998. As a community advocate, she was a founding member of the Friends of Historic Chalfont and served on Chalfont Borough’s Blighted Property Review Committee. She also sits on the Central Bucks Emergency Medical Service’s Board of Directors. Honored by the county and state bar association for her pro bono work on behalf of victims, Meredith also advocates for those less fortunate. In 2009, Meredith received the Florence Nightingale Medal from the International Committee of the Red Cross, which “honors exceptional courage and devotion to caring for the victims of armed conflict or other disasters, or exemplary services and a creative and pioneering spirit in the areas of public health or nursing education”. Since the 2016 presidential election, Meredith has seen more problems in government revealed, and believes it's time to promote honesty and accountability in government. When she was asked to run, she saw a way to be part of the solution, and a way to bring a common-sense approach to legislation.

“I want to protect our children and invest in their future. I want to preserve the dignity of the vulnerable of all ages. The safety and healthcare of our citizens can no longer be ignored.”