Candidate Spotlight: Kerith Strano Taylor

The daughter of a working-class family, Kerith Strano Taylor was born and raised in Jefferson County, and now lives and works at her own law practice just blocks from her family’s auto repair shop in Brookville, Pa. A graduate of public school in the Brookville Area School District, for which she later served as the elected president of the school board, Kerith graduated from Penn State University and then received her law degree from the George Mason Law School. She opened her family law practice in Brookville, supporting children and families, representing children in the foster care system, and serving on the Statewide Children's Roundtable Initiative. In 2011, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court appointed Kerith to the Juvenile Court Procedural Rules Committee, which helps improve the rules governing actions for juvenile delinquency and dependency courts. Kerith, a divorced mother of two, has focused her campaign on three goals for Pennsylvania: strong schools, including providing sufficient resources for public education; good jobs, investing in economic development infrastructure, helping our industries modernize and compete, and training workers for emerging industry needs; and healthy communities, including funding to tackle the opioid crisis and securing funds to protect children and youth.

“Politicians should hold their office by serving the needs of their constituents, not manipulating district maps.”