Candidate Spotlight: Tarah Probst

Born in East Stroudsburg and raised by her mother, grandmother and aunt, Tarah Probst is currently serving her second term as mayor of Stroudsburg. She first entered politics, leading the strong public opposition to the decision by the local school board to close two elementary schools – including her son’s. Although unsuccessful in stopping the school closing, the efforts Tarah led succeeded in replacing five one-term incumbent school board members with education-minded members; after which she was asked to run for mayor in 2015, becoming the first female mayor in Stroudsburg’s more than 200 years.

As mayor, Tarah tackles economic, social and community issues. She brought significant positive change, business growth, economic savings and increased media attention to Stroudsburg during her tenure.

She earned her law degree from Widener Law School in 2003 and spent most of her career in marketing. She left the corporate world in 2016 to open a restaurant in downtown Stroudsburg, supporting the town and becoming a part of the community she serves. She lives in Stroudsburg with her husband Don and five children.

“I’m running because we really need better representation in Harrisburg, and because protecting the rights of all our citizens is of paramount importance to me.”