Candidate Spotlight: Meet Katie Muth

Katie Muth is a dynamic, community leader ready to take on Harrisburg as a champion for families and women in Pennsylvania. Following the 2016 presidential election, Katiemet with local community members to organize a grassroots effort to push for positive social change. She founded Indivisible Montco, which has grown from just a few people to hundreds across the county over the last two years.

Katie’spassion for policy and taking on the tough fights is largely inspired by her experience in front of the classroom teaching and in the healthcare field. Katie received her bachelor’s degree from Penn State, where she became the first Penn State student to intern as an athletic trainer in the NFL. While pursuing her masters at Arizona State, Katiecontributed to improving concussion testing policy for high school athletes.

Katieis the product of public resources and will continue to fight for access to public education, healthcare, a living wage and ensuring that all Pennsylvanians can succeed.

“I am running for office to fight for hard-working people and families. It’s time that government works for the people, not special interest groups.”