Candidate Spotlight: Meet Wendy Ullman

Wendy Ullman lives in Plumstead Township with her husband of 44 years, with whom she raised her three daughters. Wendy taught English at Bucks and Montgomery County community colleges and was a member of the teacher’s union as soon as part-time instructors were allowed membership.

Wendy was a student activist during college; a Brownie leader and soccer mom during her child-rearing years; and was politically active throughout her life. While part of the union, Wendy and another part-timer insisted that health benefits be extended to domestic partners including gay, lesbian, trans-gendered and bisexual domestic partners – values in line with Represent PA.

Wendy’s a fighter and has fought for and defended women’s full reproductive rights since age 18. She’s now ready to take this fight and others to Harrisburg.

“Trump’s election pushed me to take action. The women’s marches after Trump’s inauguration directed my energies to local municipal government.”