Candidate Spotlight: Claudette Williams

Claudette Williams, candidate for State Representative in the 176th District, is a proven leader and problem solver She serves as President of the Mount Pocono Borough Council, a Police Commissioner, and Chair of the Monroe County Democratic Committee. Born in Jamaica, Williams emigrated to Brooklyn NY at a young age.

In 1994, as a single mother, she relocated to Mount Pocono, PA where she currently resides. Williams draws on her experience as a Sergeant Major in the United States Army, where she led soldiers in missions to Iraq, Afghanistan, and several other areas in Southwest Asia. Williams’ focus for change is through public education, well-being of our senior citizens, healthcare and immigration. As a mother of three children, Williams wants to continue to give back to her country and raise her voice in support of those who are too often unheard. “I have always been a passionate advocate for the working-class family. I believe lawmakers should rebuild and empower the working class.”