April 30 Breakfast Briefing - Water as a Political Issue

Represent PA was joined by Sen. Katie Muth (SD 44) and Rep. Danielle Friel-Otten (HD 155) to discuss ow our precious water sources in Pennsylvania have become a battleground for politicians.


Tune in to hear how our legislators will will hold our corporations accountable and work to introduce bills to keep Pennsylvania healthy and beautiful for all.

April 12 Breakfast Briefing - Voting Rights and Voter Activism

Tune in to hear Rep. Davidson, the Minority Chair of the State Government Committee of the House, and Nancy Kleinberg, an activist in all things concerned with getting out the vote, discuss current laws and the Republican battle to roll back voter advances.

March 31 Breakfast Briefing - The State of Women's Health in PA

Tune in to hear a discussion hosted by Represent PA about women’s health in Pennsylvania and how we could improve it and make it more equitable.


This briefing features Dr. Ann Honebrink, OB-GYN with Penn Medicine, a member of the Philadelphia Maternal Mortality Review Committee and has been involved in advocacy for Women’s Health issues at the state and national level, alongside Rep. Morgan Cephas, HD192 (West Philadelphia), who currently leads the House Democratic Caucus' efforts on women's health.


March 18 Breakfast Briefing - Economic Justice: Equal Pay for Women

Represent PA was joined by three powerhouse State Reps -- Donna Bullock (195), Jennifer O’Mara (165) and Melissa Shusterman (157) who want to ensure that all of us can earn a good living and live with dignity, no exceptions, even when corporations have historically paid women less than white men for the same work.


Hear these legislators discuss this new legislation, focused on prohibiting discriminatory gender-based pay, placing new penalties on employers using such discriminatory wage practices.

March 10 Breakfast Briefing - Judicial Elections 

There are Pennsylvania Judicial races in 2021. While Represent PA does not endorse in judicial races, we will continue to provide Civics Education for Pennsylvania Voters through our Breakfast Briefing Series. Hear from Judge Federica Messiah-Jackson, who formerly served on the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas and Deborah Gross who served on the Philadelphia Bar Association’s Commission on Judicial Selection and Retention and currently acts as an investigator for them to learn about the various levels of courts and the cases they discuss.

February 25 Breakfast Briefing - Progressive Policy  

Represent PA featured both Sen. Katie Muth and Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler to discuss democratic policy priorities for 2021-2022 and what’s at stake in PA if these priorities don’t get the attention they need. Sen. Muth is chair of the Policy Committee of the Democratic Caucus and Rep. Fiedler is head of the Progressive Caucus Policy Committee for the House. Both leaders are endorsees of Represent PA.

February 9 Breakfast Briefing - Disinformation  

Represent PA features Bridget Todd, Communication Director for UltraViolet to discuss disinformation campaigns targeting women candidates and electeds. She shares her insights about disinformation campaigns and potential strategies to counteract these hurtful campaigns, helping educate viewers about how to be activists.

January 14 Breakfast Briefing - How women fared in 2020  

During this Breakfast Briefing, Represent PA hosted Kelly Dittmar, Associate Professor of Political Science, Rutgers-Camden and Director of Research at the Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP) Scholar shares her insights and data about how women did in the 2020 elections.

January 8 Breakfast Briefing - Judicial District Gerrymandering  

Represent PA hosted a public education program about judicial districts with Carol Kuniholm, Chair of Fair Districts PA (FDPA) and Deborah Gross, President of Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts. Tune in to hear the discussion on how the judicial district amendment undermines constitutional checks and balances among our branches of state government and opens the door to a new, unprecedented version of gerrymandering.

December 17 Breakfast Briefing: Election Results 2020 

Represent PA hosted Gwen Camp, Election Security Consultant and former member of the Obama Administration, as she “raised the curtain” on some theories about what happened to our state races. She was joined by Reesa Kossoff, Executive Director, SEIU PA State Council, a veteran of major races in Pennsylvania and nationally, who is currently a state-wide leader in voting rights and turn out.

September 23 Breakfast Briefing-Election Security 

For this breakfast briefing, Represent PA was joined by Gwen Camp, voting rights activist and former member of the Obama Administration and State Rep. Wendy Ullman (HD 143, Bucks) to discuss what Harrisburg must do to provide secure elections across the state and how the legislature supports or doesn’t support fair and safe elections.

September 11 Breakfast Briefing-Gun Safety Laws in PA

During this breakfast Briefing, Christian Soltysiak, Managing Director of CeaseFire PA, and from State Rep. Donna Bullock HD 195 (Philadelphia)​ discuss gun violence, school shooter drills and why these issues aren’t being addressed in the state legislature. Tune in to hear personal accounts of how the lack of action in Harrisburg is affecting lives. 

August 28 Breakfast Briefing-LGBTQ+ Rights and Equality in PA

Tune into this Breakfast Briefing to hear from Anne Wakabayashi, Chair of the Pennsylvania Commission on LGBTQ Affairs, Ciora Thomas, founder and President of SisTers PGH, and Jessica Benham, candidate for State Rep. in HD 36 (Allegheny County) discuss what PA needs to ensure equity for all members of the LGBTQ community, including laws and regulations. 

August 11 Breakfast Briefing-Abortion Access in PA

This briefing featured Elicia Gonzales, Executive Director of the Women’s Medical Fund, who spoke about access to abortion for all women in Pennsylvania. She was joined by PA State House Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler who talked about the debates on abortion legislation in the House, as well as what Pennsylvania abortion access could look like if we flipped the legislature in November.

July 31 Breakfast Briefing-Fracking in PA

At this Breakfast Briefing Represent PA was joined by Katie Blume, the Political Director for Conservation Voters of PA and Senator Katie Muth SD 44 to discuss how Pennsylvania fails its residents in terms of environmental protections and how the issue of fracking is addressed in the State Senate. Tune in to hear the lively conversation. 

July 16 Breakfast Briefing-Policing in PA

During this Breakfast Briefing, Represent PA was joined by State Rep. Joanna McClinton, who is the first African-American and the first woman elected as the House Democratic Caucus Chair for 2019-2020. Rep. McClinton spoke about how the PA legislature is addressing policing and how reform can take place.

July 15 Pocono Friendraiser

For this event, Executive Director of Represent PA, Chris Jacobs is joined by State Rep. Danielle Friel Otten HD 155 and Claudette Williams, candidate for HD 176 to discuss Represent PA's effect on Pennsylvania State Legislature and what difference it will make to be in the majority.

June 30 Breakfast Briefing-A discussion about Education in Pennsylvania

For our June 30 briefing Represent PA was joined by Donna Cooper of Public Citizens for Children and Youth (PCCY) as well as Senator Lindsey Williams, SD 38 and Michele Knoll, candidate for HD 44. 

Tune in to hear how education is disproportionately funded across the state of Pennsylvania and how the state legislature attempts to address inadequacy with new funding models.

June 24 Friendraiser

During this June 24 Friendraiser hosted by Teresa Rodgers, Executive Director Christine Jacobs is joined by Senator Maria Collett (SD Bucks) and Representative Morgan Cephas (HD Philadelphia) to discuss the partisanship the COVID-19 pandemic has caused and the current budget in the PA State Legislature.

June 9 Breakfast Briefing: Primary Election Results

For our June 9 Breakfast Briefing, we invited the leaders of the PA House Democratic Campaign Committee, Dena Gleason and the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee, Melanie Rose along with two newly endorsed candidates Tara Zrinski (HD 138, Northampton) and Joanna Bryn Smith (HD 120, Luzerne).

Listen in to hear how the presidential race will affect races down the ballot and what are the chances of flipping the PA Legislature - either the House or the Senate.

May 19 Breakfast Briefing:

Meet the Candidates

At our May 19 breakfast briefing we were joined by five of our newly endorsed candidates as well as up to 70 guests to hear about their unique backgrounds and how they plan on applying their practical knowledge to a position in office. 

The full recording of the briefing is available to hear the lively conversation. 

April 21 Breakfast Briefing - State Reach: A Numbers Game

April 21 was the kickoff to our Breakfast Briefing series where we offer opportunities to discuss a wide range of diverse topics and meet our endorsed candidates.


This breakfast briefing, the Executive Director of Represent PA was joined by the Executive Director of Turn PA Blue to discuss what districts are flippable and our statewide focus.   

April 2020 First Virtual Friendraiser

April 3rd was our first virtual friendraiser with over 50 participants, featuring guest speakers Rep. Jennifer O’Mara (HD 165, Delaware), Rep. Elizabeth Hanbidge (HD 61, Montgomery) and Rep. Mary Jo Daley (HD 148, Montgomery). 


During the call, our representatives and Executive Director, Christine Jacobs discussed state legislation begin put forth and how receptive the house is to change, what difference it would make to have a democratic majority and why Represent PA is important when it comes to running for office.