Muffy Carroll is a Philadelphia native, who recently moved back to the city after nearly 35 years of living in St. Louis, Missouri.


She served as an executive at Anheuser Busch in their Planning and Analysis Department for nearly 30 years. As an "internal consultant", Muffy worked with Anheuser Busch's sales and marketing teams, as well as their production and logistics team to improve profits and returns for the US beer operation.


While working at AB, she was active with non-profits in the social service arena, and became more active in the political arena once she retired, supporting progressive candidates at the state and federal level in MO, before returning to Philadelphia.  


Muffy joined the Represent team in 2016, continuing her support of progressive candidates in her home-state and supporting non-profits in the social service and environmental sectors. continue to support non profits in social service and environmental sectors.