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About Represent! PA State Political Action Committee

Why Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania has a long history of women's activism and leadership and once led the way for women in politics. In 1922, Pennsylvanians became leaders in the United States by electing eight women to the State House of Representatives during that election cycle.

Today, while some progress has been made, it is not enough. Today, only 17% of the General Assembly are women and PA has never elected a female Senator or Governor.

Represent! PA PAC Board

      Commissioner Valerie Arkoosh | Adam Bonin | Betsy Chandler | Kathryn Harrison

Elinor Haider | Christine Jacobs | Rebecca Johnson | Kerri Kennedy

Why Represent! PAC?

  • Represent! PAC is focusing specifically on raising money to invest in strong, women candidates in Pennsylvania races. Represent! PAC is doing what no other women-focused political organization in Pennsylvania is doing. It is giving early campaign donations to strong candidates who need the investment to hire campaign staff. Hiring a campaign manager/finance director is the critical difference between a successful race and an unsuccessful race.
  • Represent! PAC is creating a niche in Pennsylvania. Other organizations working to train potential women candidates, policy organizations advocating for women-focused issues and equity, and organizations that are helpful in building an individual's network, are critical in building the pipeline of strong, viable women candidates. However, none of them make significant financial investments in campaigns, especially early. Similar to what the Victory Fund does for LGBT community, Represent! PAC is about making strategic investments in top tier women candidates in order to produce results, one seat at a time.
  • Represent! raises money through its supporters and their networks and provides early investments in races where the woman candidate has demonstrated the capacity to win by being vetted and supported by the Democratic Party in Pennsylvania.
  • In addition to financial investments, Represent! PAC supporters will identify opportunities to support candidates by providing valuable professional resources to candidates through our networks.
  • We tell our network of members about the candidates and ask them to provide additional support with dollars and votes!


Kerri Kennedy, President
Kerri Kennedy, Associate General Secretary for International Programs at AFSC, has eighteen years of experience managing international development programs with a focus on governance, policy and advocacy in areas of conflict and post conflict or disaster.

Previously, Kerri served as the Executive Director for Women's Campaign International, an organization that works to increase the number of women leaders in politics, market, and policy processes. She has produced two documentary films, facilitated strategic plans, conducted country and political assessments, created advocacy and civic education campaigns for public and private sector clients, and trained leaders, candidates and elected officials around the world.

She was a Peace Corps volunteer in the Kingdom of Tonga. She has worked in more than 40 countries and holds a B.A. in Sociology and a MS degree in International Development Management with an emphasis in post-conflict reconstruction.

She is a Truman Security fellow, was a NSEP Boren Fellow, a Center for Political Leadership Political Fellow, and was awarded a Rising Star Award by the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Rebecca Johnson, Treasurer

Rebecca Johnson is Executive Director of AIA Philadelphia and the Center for Architecture and is an experienced non-profit executive and former land use attorney with 10 years experience working on real estate development projects on behalf of the community, private developers, and local governments. In addition to her expertise on the process of developing the built environment, Rebecca draws upon her passion for improving the lives of individuals and communities through thoughtful community engagement in sustainable development from design to occupancy. Rebecca brings her experience and leadership to AIA Philadelphia and the Center for Architecture to engage, educate, and excite both AIA members and the public around issues of architecture and design.
Rebecca has been an staunch advocate for young women and women in leadership, serving on the Board of the Pennsylvania Women's Campaign Fund for four years and co-founded REPRESENT! Political Action Committee to help elect strong, women in Pennsylvania. Rebecca earned a bachelor’s degree in Sociology at Lehigh University; a master’s in Sociology-Urban Studies at Georgia State University and a JD from Temple University Beasley School of Law. She was awarded a Rising Star Award by the Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations and she was selected as one of the 40 under 40 winners by the Philadelphia Business Journal.